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Everybody loves to save. We created a way for you get the best price on your next big B2B purchase. Working with the largest networks of dealers and getting you the five true lowest prices in your area in minutes.

Search The Best Price

Compare up to 5 top rated suppliers, both national and local, that will give you competitive quotes save 30-40% on your purchase*.

Compare Features

Save yourself hours of time finding vetted suppliers. Get the offers and features sent to you directly and choose the best fit.

Done! Save 30-50%!

Select the provider that matches your needs and make your purchase having seen all the best prices side by side in one search!

Industrial And Construction Equipment

Whether you are looking for steel shipping containers, mobile construction or sales office trailers, steel building prices, modular buildings, steps and ramps, or security surveillance for your job site, compare prices now and save your company 30-50%.

Save On Office And Business Equipment

Office technology will impact your bottom line and your future profits due to efficiency that results from your choice. Comparing the lowest prices on office copiers, VoIP phone system features and services like water delivery and coffee services will affect your staff and efficiency for years to come.

Save 30% On Professional Services

Key professional services are the backbone of businesses in technology, medicine, education and legal firms. These key services are a large part of your business expenses. Compare the lowest prices on medical billing services, collection services, inbound and outbound call center teams and top rated payroll services for small business.

Business Technology And Security Prices

One of the largest expenses facing businesses can be logistics and technology. We partner with dozens of top companies to provide the lowest prices on wide format plotters and printers, access control systems, GPS systems for drivers and security for home and business. Get the lowest prices quotes from the top companies in minutes.

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Everything To Gain.

It takes just one minute to get the five lowest price quotes on everything your business needs. Top national and local companies are in our network competing with amazing deals for your business.

How PriceFive Works

Fast and secure

Secure submission of your request used only with our trusted partners. Only the fice most qualified sellers will contact you!

A Smarter Buying Choice

Business comes with expensive purchases. We have a huge selection of businesses and our relationships will mean the lowest prices for you.

Only The Best Sellers

Your request only goes out to trusted and tested dealers Our long lasting relationships send you only the quotes of reputable providers.

You Will Save!

With over 100,000 connections made in the past 3 years we have streamlined the process. The request of the buyer is filled with the best deal every time.

Real Local People!

Deal directly with both local and national suppliers. Compare pricing and local service options for what works best for you. You choose and you save 30% or more.

Save Time. Save Money.

Expensive purchases like office copiers, office trailers and business phones can impact you bottom line. Five vetted companies will compete with their best offers.

Buyers Always Win.

Got questions? We’ve got answers. You are already shopping for your business. Our relationships with over 500 companies will instantly give you the five lowest price quotes fast and free. Visit our product categories and choose from the lowest prices with the promise that you win everytime.

How do I save 30% on a big purchase?

Our goal is to be a one stop shop to for up to 5 competitive quotes from qualified suppliers for your exact needs. Because we instantly match you with provide quotes for your specific need you will save time. Because we work with the most local and national providers you will have the most range of options in minutes and on average pay 30% less.*

How will I receive the low price quotes?

If you are a buyer, expect an fast, efficient and modern buying experience so you can make a smart purchase. The inventory teams for your request will reach out to you within 1 business hour of your request to confirm your need. They will then provide 5 options, prices, features and partners that are a perfect match. Saveings and speed.

What if I am a company looking to join your network?

We want to speak with you. Helping you means helping our buyers and everyone wins. Contact us about joining the largest network of providers and prepare to receive new customers that match your products and services in real-time. We help your business by introducing new customers to your brand as a low risk turn-key process.

What makes this process so fast and efficient?

In order to deliver the highest success rates possible for buyers, shoppers and partners in our network we constantly optimize our approach and use the human touch of personal phone verification, quality customer service and speed. We make sure we understand what every quote request needs within minutes.

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Don’t take our word. We have helped over 39,000 buyers in 3 years.

Happy to say your site was my only stop online! We were in need of an office copier and nervous about such an expensive purchase. In 2 hours the entire purchase was done and I know I got the best price in my area because I chose it.

- Chris L., Jackson, MI

I had no idea where to buy shipping containers for storage on site for my company nor what to expect for shipping container cost. I spoke with 5 very low priced companies in under 30 minutes and chose the dealer who was almost $3000 cheaper. Saved me a ton. Thank you.

- Brandon C., Atlanta, GA

We have a very small medical office and needed a medical billing provider. I had recommendations from peers on this too. Within one hour I had 3 providers prices in my email box and the recommendation I received was way more expensive. Glad I compared quotes.

- Janet S., Irvine, CA