Buying A Commercial Ice Machine For Your Business

Many businesses cannot function without fresh ice or the packing that requires cold pack or ice. Buying a commercial ice machine is an important decision for the impact it will have on logistics and customer satisfaction. When an ice machine goes down the entire business may go down too. Ice machines for restaurants, bars, cafeterias, hotels and packing of meat and seafood is vital to your business. Buying a commercial or industrial ice machine starts with knowing the type of ice machine best for each industry and use. The main factors when buying an ice machine for business are size, types of ice machines, volume of ice produced and type of ice each machine produces.

The Main Types Of Commercial And Industrial Ice Machines

Modular Commercial Ice Machines

Looking to produce large amounts of ice? Then a modular machine the right option for you. This unit is also designed to sit on top of a separate unit, such as an ice bin, beverage machine or ice dispenser. Modular ice machines are designed for casual and fine-dining restaurants, fast food chains, hotels, movie theaters, schools, cafeterias and child care centers.

Typical ice production: 75-700 pounds per day

Commercial Ice Dispensers

This self-serve machine not only makes ice, but it also dispenses it right from the unit. Since a dispenser is designed for frequent usage, it’s considered a sanitary option because the ice isn’t expected to be stored for long periods of time.

Typical ice production: 60-400 pounds per day

Counter-top Ice Makers

 Designed as a compact, self-serve unit, this machine typically produces small, chew able ice. Select models that dispense water too, and it sits perfectly atop of tables and countertops.

Typical ice production: 50-500 pounds per day

Scotsman brand industrial ice machines.

The Types Of Ice Commercial Uses Requires

Each type of ice has a unique purpose, and are commonly used in various commercial kitchen segments. Depending on the commercial kitchen you run, you’ll want to consider which type of ice will suit the needs of your guests, customers or patients. Most commercial ice machine dealers near you will deal in all five of these ice machine types. All these types of ice machines come from the same 5-6 ice machine companies and manufacturers. Speaking with a commercial ice machine dealer will give you options of ice machine models for each type listed here. Going into that conversation knowing the type that is common for your industry will help to focus on 2-3 top ice machine models for your use and quantity.

Commercial Shaved Ice Machines And Flaked Ice Machines

  • Soft and chew-able
  • Used to cool down products
  • Great for produce, seafood, meat and salad bars
  • Commonly used in healthcare (hospitals, nursing homes and physical therapy facilities), buffets and grocery stores.
  • Commercial shaved ice machine prices

Commercial Half Cube Ice Machines

  • Used for beverages, dispensing and bagging
  • Smaller than full cubes
  • Cools down drinks quickly without watering them down
  • Commonly used in restaurants, bars, hospitality and convenience stores
  • Commercial half cube ice machine prices

Commercial Full Cube Ice Machines

  • Used for beverages, dispensing and bagging
  • Cools down drinks quickly without watering them down
  • Commonly used in restaurants, bars, convenience stores, hospitality and catering.
  • Commercial cube ice machine prices

Commercial Nugget Ice Machines

  • Also known as “cubelet ice machines” and “pearl ice machines”
  • Soft and chewable
  • Used for beverages
  • Commonly used in restaurants, bars, healthcare and hospitality
  • Commercial nugget ice machine prices

Commercial Crescent Shaped Ice Makers

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