5 Reasons To Choose Modular Building Construction

Convention building construction has advantages but has long also suffered some disadvantages and variables which have been solved through modular building construction. Variables in construction can lead to quality control issues when building a building or office. Modular building companies have evolved (by design) to address all these weaknesses.

Modular buildings for retail has become a great choice for small businesses and franchises.

Some of the quality and cost related challenges of convention construction include:

  • Material management install process
  • Standardized quality programs and routines
  • Diligent supervision or attention to detail
  • Consistently skilled workers at all sites
  • Effective logistics and coordination
  • Standardized inspection routines
  • Unpredictable site conditions
  • Establishing culture of quality from site to site

Modular building construction has effectively targeted each of these weaknesses and installed a standard process to alleviate each. The resulting advantages of modular buildings include:

Quality And Consistency

Modular buildings are built to meet the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities, so makes the modular building quality better?  For starters, the modules, or building sections, are constructed in the factory which provides a dry and consistent environment eliminating variables and producing a consistent product with less defects. 

Modular building construction process

The standardization in the factory process also allows for safety and quality control as each component to be better inspected at every phase of construction.  A consistent process is the cornerstone of all quality modular building and manufacturing processes. If quality of the finished product is critical to your office building then use this factor in your decision to choose to build a modular building.

Speed And On Time Completions

With approximately 80% construction being completed in the factory, modular construction buildings and offices avoid all weather related and site related delays associated with conventional construction. 

The site for the building is also prepared simultaneously as the building is being manufactured giving modular buildings companies the ability to have a reliable schedule and keep their schedule at a much higher rate. If you ae concerned about on time completion of your modular office or modular classroom you should weigh this into the decision to buy a modular building. Modular buildings are simply on time more often.


Are modular buildings cheaper to build? Yes, and yes.

Modular buildings can save you money in two distinct ways. Modular buildings, due to the nature of the manufacturing process, have a lower overall labor and material cost which is an obvious savings.  Secondly, as discussed above, the modular building construction process is done in a secure environment that is unaffected by weather delays, and the modules are then transported to the site.  This dry location process with it’s strict process will results in fewer change orders, faster installation, and earlier occupancy.  Earlier occupancy means improves cash flow, faster to utilize buildings and no lost time as a site sits empty waiting to be prepared for an on site build. So is a commercial modular building cheaper to build? Yes, a modular building on average has a finished cost of about 10-20% less on average due to the above reasons. Many projects and building types can save as much as 30%-50% over conventional construction processes.

Flexibility Of Design

Do all modular buildings look the same? No. Not even close. This is a common misconception used by conventional construction companies to steer you away from more cost efficient modular buildings. They combine classic construction looks with the flexibility of a mobile solution.

Modular medical buildings have thousands of designs.

Modular construction offers both temporary and permanent building solutions with as many design options as anything built on site.  Whether temporary or permanent, modular buildings also offer the advantage of being easily expandable for future needs. Almost all conventional construction designs can be applied to the plans for modular construction. This flexibility of design and future scaling makes modular buildings great for education, commercial, healthcare, and government applications. Organizations all over the world choose modular construction for modular classrooms, modular offices, modular in- plant offices, modular guard houses, modular car dealerships, modular churches and modular retail stores. Modular construction is booming (NREI ORG).

Sustainable Construction Process

As more and more clients are looking for sustainability and less of a footprint in their building designs, modular construction is becoming an efficient and natural choice.  The manufacturing of modular buildings takes place in a controlled environment which minimizes material purchases and raw material waste. All modules and parts have been designed to efficiently use materials over time to perfect the process buy each modular building manufacturers.  This tried and true process combined with improved consistency and quality control promotes sustainability and less total raw materials needed for the same building outcome.

Environmentally friendly modular building construction.

One study by McGraw Hill Construction showed Currently, a majority (62%) of the industry recognizes that prefabrication/modularization can help decrease the use of construction materials, with over a quarter (27%) reporting decreases of 5% or more. If a sustainable process and an environmentally friendly building is what your company or organization values then modular building construction should be your first choice.

These 5 reasons to build a modular building for your company are also the key drivers in modern business. Modular buildings as an industry are an answer to the needs of customers and the shortcomings in conventional construction. By design modular buildings address all the challenges of your project. Compare the prices for your project from our top modular building companies now and get even more reasons why modular is just smart for business.