5 Big Reasons You Need A Better Office Coffee Service

Taking an office coffee break is considered a part of the routine in the workplace. Many people drink coffee without really thinking twice about how it affects the way they work. The gathering around the office coffee station or office coffee machine is a part of the morning routine that lowers stress and is a great launching point for a busy work day.It is then interesting to look at the often overlooked benefits for employers, companies and their staff. Some great reasons for small business owners to compare price and product options on office coffee service companies today.

1. Coffee Keeps Your Staff Alert

There are many triggers that can cause employees to feel sluggish or stressed in the mornings. Partying the night before, insufficient sleep, horrible traffic, or plain tiredness are common reasons why employees may feel slow or heavy-eyed.

An office coffee service is about increasing productivity and lowered mistakes and lost focus for your staff.
What a difference an office coffee service can make.

In these situations, coffee can be of help. It has been scientifically proven that coffee can increase energy levels and make people feel less tired. In a 1994 neurological study it was found that coffee can improve a person’s alertness. When employees are alert, they are more likely to focus on their work and complete their tasks earlier.

From that study’s findings on office coffee effects (Does Caffeine Enhance or Merely Restore Degraded Psychomotor Performance?): An experiment was carried out to examine the effects of coffee on performance and alertness in the day and at night. The results showed that caffeinated coffee had a beneficial effect on alertness and improved performance on a variety of tasks in both day and night sessions. The effects were often very large. 

2. Coffee Leads To Less Mistakes

Aside from feeling more energized and alert, coffee has also been shown to help improve performance, specifically on tasks that require brain power. Studies have shown the value of coffee is not only the caffeine but also the structured breaks from your screen and your desk. An office coffee station provides both the physical boost and mental boost to reduce costly errors. It is not uncommon to feel bored or sleepy during a long meeting. The dimmed lights, the hum of the projector and the rambling speakers at meetings needs to be interrupted both physically and mentally.

According to studies, coffee has been shown to help improve focus and memory. This can result to less forgotten details, less adding errors or typos and better decision making at work. All of this is a reason why coffee makes your staff better, more efficient and less likely to make mistakes.

3. Coffee Sparks Culture And Teamwork

Employers often worry that the time that employees spent away from their desks chatting with co-workers is costing them money. However, multiple studies published on psychologytoday.com have shown coffee stations and well stocked break-rooms increase employee productivity by as much as 15 percent! Read the study conducted on call centers , office technology and IT staff showing a 4%, 10% and 15% increase in productivity thanks to time spent enjoy a drink and exchange with team members. Rather than discouraging office coffee station breaks employers should encourage it with break rooms and coffee stations that attract the team to gather. 

4. Coffee Reduces Pain And Stress From Desk Jobs

A study produced by the National Institute for Health (nih.gov) concluded that consuming caffeine before performing pain-inducing computer work resulted in attenuated pain development versus subjects who did not consume caffeine.

The results even showed the possibility of prescribing caffeine as an everyday pain moderator for work related aches and pains. While this may be a small effect the benefit on your staff’s comfort translates into general office happiness and productivity once again. A well stocked office coffee station and fresh office coffee service attracts employees to benefit while also making them happy to be at work. Amazing what having the right office coffee machine can do.

5. Coffee Is Great, Tasty and Social By Nature And People Talk

Office coffee stations are about productivity and social effects at work

If companies invest in a reasonable office coffee service that can dispense fine-tasting coffee, teas and hot & cold drinks, this would actually contribute to the employees’ satisfaction levels. Surveys and studies have shown that free coffee is still one of the sought-after employee perks that affect how they value the company they work for. Look through ads for small and mid-sized companies and see how many mention coffee as part of the culture or everyday perks. Good coffee machines and office coffee services are a very visible item that employees notice and even brag about regarding their company. If you build it they will come.

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