Shoppers Shouldn't Work So Hard.

Expensive purchases for your business don't need to require hours of searching and a dozen phone calls. Businesses want to serve you so why should you be doing all the hard work?

About Our Service

Helping Businesses Save 30% Everytime.

As the internet gives customers more choices businesses have had to respond with a better process to win their business with a faster more reliable process. We have passed the point where the customer should be the one seeking a company to give their business on an endless sea of options. Airlines, mortgages, lending, insurance and dozens of other hyper-competitive markets have realized that a simpler process is the best way to benefit a customer. Tipping the scales in the customer's favor was our goal. With we have created a platform where the customer can enter their needs in a single place and our system matches that need with the most reputable, highest reviewed companies that wish to serve you. We create an environment where the sellers try to outwork each other and you spent only ONE minute sending the request. Our system and network guarantees you and your company will receive the best price and best service from the company you choose to work with. Review the lowest pricew quotes and work with them on your time at your pace and at the price you choose. If your business is in the market for a B2B service or product and want to receive the lowest price then send us a request in any of our 40+ markets and services for business. Compare and save 30-50% on your business purchase or lease today.

Meet The Price5 Team

We are a small group of hard working innovators, planners, marketers and honest "customer comes first" advocates.

Mike Photo

Michael Kraft

Co-Founder and CEO
Allison Photo

Allison Garza

Co-Founder and COO
James Chan Photo

James Chan

Creative Director/Web Manager
Albert Photo

Albert Castro

Director Operations/Service

How it works

Everybody loves to save. We created a way for you get the best price on your next big B2B purchase. Working with the largest networks of dealers and getting you the five true lowest prices in your area in minutes.

Search The Best Price

Compare up to 5 top rated suppliers, both national and local, that will give you competitive quotes save 30-40% on your purchase*.

Compare Features

Save yourself hours of time finding vetted suppliers. Get the offers and features sent to you directly and choose the best fit.

Done! Save 30-50%!

Select the provider that matches your needs and make your purchase having seen all the best prices side by side in one search!