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Buying a commercial ice machine is a decision that impacts your businesses efficiency for years to come. Commercial ice machines are essential business equipment for many businesses and can be critical to many business owners. Commercial ice makers in restaurants and food service, manufacturing, higher education, healthcare, spas and retail stores can be essential for daily operations. Whether your business is a hospital or large office that goes through hundreds of pounds of ice daily or a mid-sized retail store that that simply needs convenience and clean ice it is important to buy the right tool for that job. Many factors including the type of commercial ice maker, types of ice your machine makes, type of compressor and daily yield all affect the price of a commercial ice making unit. Knowing your ice requirements of your specific business will narrow down the many options available to you and make your investment in a commercial ice machine a smart move. We always recommend requesting an accurate quote so you can compare ice machine prices, the top rated ice maker models and all ice machine features side by side. Shop smart and save 30% or more on this important purchase. Compare prices of ice machines for sale near you now.

Ice Machine Price Quotes

Ice Machine Prices

Ice Machine Prices & Types

The first step is knowing the basic types of commercial ice machines your company wishes to buy based on the use, like flake ice, granular ice, or standard ice cube machines. The type of ice that is produced and the volume of ice that an ice machine produces generally known based on your type of business. The main types of ice produced by commercial ice machines are cubed, nugget and flaked ice. Cubed tends to be used in retail locations and offices, nugget is the choice of restaurants and bars and flaked ice are used in medical and industrial settings like packaging. The type of ice and industry tends to dictate the volume of ice that a machine produces. Ice volume is the largest factor in the cost of a commercial ice machine. Expect around $1500 to $6500 to buy an ice machine as a general starting point.

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Ice Machine Price Quotes

What affects the cost of an ice machine?

As previously mentioned the volume of ice an ice machine produces is a large factor in the cost of a commercial ice machine. The type of ices often goes hand in hand with the volume designs. The type of condenser, ice machine design and storage bin capacity also make a large difference. Additional costs you may have not planned for are cost of ownership scine a commercial ice machine never turns off. The local temperature where the machine is stored and the cost of water and utilities both have a big impact on the true cost of an ice machine.

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Top Rated Brands Of Commercial Ice Machines

Not all ice machines are alike, even though they appear the somewhat similar in design and looks on the surface. There are several different types of commercial ice makers that come standard with various functional features and installation requirements. When shopping for a new industrial ice maker, be sure to take the time and determine which type will best suit your ice production and storage needs. The brand of your ice maker is something different. Many brands have a good reputation for longevity and smooth operation. Some of the best trusted names in commercial ice makers are Scotsman, Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Ice-O-Matic and Costzon Ice makers. The type of ice machine depends on the ice type and volume you require, as well as the logistics of the space you operate in. All these top brands make a variety of machine sizes and designs. You can browse self contained, modular, undercounter, countertop ice machines and water ice combo machines from each.

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What Types Of Commercial Ice Machines Can I Buy?

While there are variations within each type, commercial ice machines generally fall into four basic types: modular ice machines or ice machine head, undercounter ice machines, countertop ice dispensers / makers, and combination ice/water machines.

What Types Of Commercial Ice Machines Condensers Are There?

Once you've decided what type of machine and ice you want, the next important consideration is to choose whether you want an air-cooled, water-cooled, or remote compressor. Each have advatages like price and energy consumption tolerances.

What Sizes Of Commercial Ice Machine Should I Buy?

Ice machine sizes are stated as the amount of ice that they can produce in a 24 hour period. This is called the "24 hour yield" or "ice yield" of the ice machine. Different types of ice machines yield different amounts of ice. Small undercounter or countertop commercial ice machine may provide as little as 50 lb. of ice per day, just enough for a small beverage station in an office setting. On the other hand, larger commercial ice machines can produce as much as 2500 to 3500 lbs of ice per day.

How Big Of An Ice Machine Should I Buy?

Most restaurants use about 1.5 lb. of ice per meal served. For example, a restaurant that serves 250 customers per day will require approximately 450 lb. of ice in a day. At the same time, a hospital uses approximately 10 lb. if ice per patient, so for 250 patients you might need about 3000 lb. of ice per day.

How Much Space Do I Need For An Ice Machine?

Make sure you have enough space for the machine, bin, and filter. Adequate air flow is crucial for maximum ice production, so installing an ice machine in a storage room or closet is not recommended. So the size of the machine, clearance for upening and closing the machine and additional space perhaps on the sides for proper air flow is recommended.

What Size Ice Machine Storage Bin Should I Get?

Choose a bin with enough capacity to hold slightly more than the amount of ice you typically use in 24 hours. Usually a 10-20% capacity buffer is enough to make sure the bin is large enough. Your usage patterns also can affect this. Over the course of the business day, your staff might need to use ice at the same time as the machine is replenishing your supply so spikes in use for things like meal times as assisted living centers may mean you need a larger bin.

Can My Commercial Ice Machine Run Off Tap Water?

We recommend using a water filter with every ice maker to prolong the life of your restaurant ice machine and improve the ice taste. Ice is a type of food in restaurants and the flavor of your tap water will be passed to your customers. Water quality being low can also affect the life of your machine intenally.

Where can I buy a commercial ice maker near me?

For new businesses buying a ice maker can be a bit of a mystery at first. Ice machine dealers are not something you see on every corner and is a bit of a niche market in the restaurant supply business. You can request an ice machine quote now and we will get you the best prices on commercial ice makers from both local ice machine dealers and national restaurant supply companies. Compare and save up to 30% on buying an ice machine now.

Where can I buy a restaurant ice maker?

Ice machines for restaurants can be purchase from a handful of local ice machine dealers in most areas or if you have more time shipped from one of our national supplier locations. As stated above knowing the size and ice yield you require will make sure you do not over or under buy. Compare prices easily on ice machines for restaaurants by requesting a quote based on your business type..

How much ice does my restraunt need from an ice maker?

This question affects both the quantity per hour that your restaurant ice maker can produce and the bin size for ice storage. It is important when buying an ice maker for a restaurant to realize that you have busy times throughout the day. During meals your commercial ice maker will not be able to keep up and that means picking the right bin size. A restaurant that serves 250 customers per day will require approximately 450 lb. of ice throughout the day but will also most likely use 50% of that ice during the three busiest hours. Get a large enough bin on your restaurant ice maker!.


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