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All the top suppliers and lowest prices on steel buildings for home, farm and business in one place. Steel Buildings are pre fabricated and designed steel structures that come ready to assemble and in dozens of sizes designs and possible uses for home, farm and business. A steel building offers affordable, durable, strong, long lasting covered space that is not only versatile but expandable. Whether you need to store farm machines, RV's, boats, equipment or materials, or you want to design garage or shope, office or home, steel buildings offer flexibility in design to meet a variety of needs. You can buy a steel building in the design you need for you specific plans at the lowest prices. We proudly offer all the top brands and partners in steel building manufacturing today. We can offer you up to 30% lower costs when you compare th many steel building options we offer!

Steel Building Price Quotes

Steel Building Prices

Steel Building Prices

Price Five has partner relationships with the largest names in steel building designs and can offer the exact match and lowest prices on steel buildings due to options. This means we can get you the lowest prices when you shop and compare steel building companies near you side by side. The average cost of building a steel building is about $16 to $20 per foot, but with customization, insulation options, wiring, door options and more, this can cost up to $40 per square foot. If you start with a basic 5,000 square foot building, the price of a steel building is closer to $9.50 per square foot depending on the location and the customizations you require for your personal need. While we are able to provide you with price ranges, steel is a complex commodity and there are several factors that affect the cost of metal buildings. We always recommend requesting an accurate quote since the cost of a steel building can change drastically from company to company due to estimating accuracy, purchasing power and current sales.

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Steel Building Price Quotes

Commercial Steel Building Uses

Pre-engineered steel buildings make ideal workspaces for a wide range of industries and commercial building needs. The low cost of steel buildings and wide-open spans created by this building type allow companies in need of space to configure their work areas to achieve maximum useful space. Because of this design feature, low cost per foot and wide array of designs, steel buildings are a goto choice for auto garages, farm storage and aviation applications. For many commercial enterprises, steel storage buildings can serve double-duty by acting as machine shops and other types of work that don’t require expansive areas.

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Common Uses Of Steel Buildings

Steel buildings provide a perfect storage and utility for all kinds of buyers. The infinite uses of a custom steel building include residential, farm, storage and commercial applications. It is very common for builders to choose steel as the material choice for low-rise residential applications and storage uses on residential properties. Affordable and adaptable, steel buildings make a great solution as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes providing the perfect environment for office, self storage and retail spaces. Easy to customize to meet the demands of any industry, steel buildings provide a flexible solution for many business applications. How long does a steel building last? Since steel buildings are resistant to time and the elements, it is a common option for those who work in the agricultural fields as steel warehouses, steel barns and steel storage facilities and can last 20-40 years or more depending on the setting. Steel farm buildings offer security for animals, products, and equipment.

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Steel Building Price Quotes

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