Rent a Mobile Office Trailer. 5 Key Questions.

Rent a mobile office trailer fast and for less. Know what to ask.

Mobile office trailers have a number of commercial uses. They are commonly seen on construction sites where they  make the perfect work-space for contractors and your crew on site, as they provide a comfortable work space inside a warm mobile office to use during the day. The mobile office trailer rental allows you to meet with your staff in a professional space, while providing a space for employees to relax in the heat or air conditioning. Some of the most widely seen uses of mobile offices are construction trailers, sales offices at car dealerships, emergency management centers and bases of operation and classrooms for school overflow.

If you are interested in a construction office trailer rental for your job site, you are likely shopping around for the best option and the lowest priced office trailer leasing (mobile office trailer sales is also a thing but much less common with mobile office dealers). Part of your research strategy should be making sure you ask construction trailer rental companies the right questions.

Renting a mobile office trailer is much more common that purchases. Most cost effective and less complicated in terms of logistics and removal.

Here are five questions to ask any mobile office trailer dealer during your initial conversation:

1. What type of office trailers do you have, what sizes of mobile office trailers are available near me?

The main question you’ll want to know is what your potential supplier’s inventory looks like, condition and sizes. What s features do they have available, where to search for inventory and are these trailers located nearby where they can be inspected and samples seen? If the company needs to ship the trailer from far away, the travel time will delay installation and may add additional costs. You’ll also want to ask about the age of the rental office trailers. If you can’t see them in person, make sure the company sends you plenty of photos of the actual unit you’ll rent.

 2. Can I customize the office trailer for my needs?

A major factor to consider when renting an office trailer is what level of customization you will need to make it an effective and efficient workplace. You’ll want to ask about everything from exterior cosmetic add-ons, to bathroom outfitting and furniture options. Some mobile office companies may only rent office trailers that are basic and standard base models, requiring you to purchase a trailer for further customization, while others may have more flexibility to tailor their rental stock.

3. What is the office rental contract like?

As with any contract, you’ll need to understand the terms of your rental agreement and the commitment of time, setup and related costs. The most common factors in this area include the length of the contract and the options your company has with the office trailer for extending it or cancelling it early. Keep in mind that time schedules change with long term construction projects. Be sure that you are crystal clear on the process of notifying the office trailer rental company for any needs; if there is an emergency leak that has to be fixed, you want to be sure you will connect with them as fast as possible.

4. What is the deliver and install process like?

Most companies will deliver the mobile office trailer rental to your site.

When you rent a mobile office trailer, the modular company will transport it direct to your job site or location. Be sure you understand what this process will look like and are able to prepare for the setup day. First of all, find out if the company determines shipping and delivery costs by distance, or by the size of the trailer? As far as installation, you’ll want to know what onsite setup is involved, and what kind of preparation work you’ll need to do at the site the trailer will be placed on. You’ll likely also need permits to have your trailer at a construction site, so also be sure to find out whether the rental company will handle this for you, or if you’ll need to do it on your own. Each area will differ on permitting requirements for temporary structures such as a modular office or mobile office trailer for long term placement. Also important that you know the laws regarding transportation of a mobile office and moving it on the highways and local roadway regulations for your town and state.

5. What happens at the end of my lease or project?

Your mobile office trailer rental company will most likely come pick up the trailer when you’re done with it. Be sure you understand the process, time frame and any additional costs or deposit related requirements you need to fulfill.. You may be responsible for preparing certain elements of the mobile office trailer, or perhaps the trailer rental company may handle everything.

You can compare the answers to each of these questions from the five biggest and best mobile office trailer companies near you in minutes by submitting a free price quote request now. We have over a dozen mobile and modular office partners looking forward to providing your company with a construction office or sales office for up to 30% less. The process of renting a mobile office trailers seems like a lot to undertake but can be done in 72 hours or less. Request a quote and start the ball moving now.

Buying A Commercial Ice Machine For Your Business

Many businesses cannot function without fresh ice or the packing that requires cold pack or ice. Buying a commercial ice machine is an important decision for the impact it will have on logistics and customer satisfaction. When an ice machine goes down the entire business may go down too. Ice machines for restaurants, bars, cafeterias, hotels and packing of meat and seafood is vital to your business. Buying a commercial or industrial ice machine starts with knowing the type of ice machine best for each industry and use. The main factors when buying an ice machine for business are size, types of ice machines, volume of ice produced and type of ice each machine produces.

The Main Types Of Commercial And Industrial Ice Machines

Modular Commercial Ice Machines

Looking to produce large amounts of ice? Then a modular machine the right option for you. This unit is also designed to sit on top of a separate unit, such as an ice bin, beverage machine or ice dispenser. Modular ice machines are designed for casual and fine-dining restaurants, fast food chains, hotels, movie theaters, schools, cafeterias and child care centers.

Typical ice production: 75-700 pounds per day

Commercial Ice Dispensers

This self-serve machine not only makes ice, but it also dispenses it right from the unit. Since a dispenser is designed for frequent usage, it’s considered a sanitary option because the ice isn’t expected to be stored for long periods of time.

Typical ice production: 60-400 pounds per day

Counter-top Ice Makers

 Designed as a compact, self-serve unit, this machine typically produces small, chew able ice. Select models that dispense water too, and it sits perfectly atop of tables and countertops.

Typical ice production: 50-500 pounds per day

Scotsman brand industrial ice machines.

The Types Of Ice Commercial Uses Requires

Each type of ice has a unique purpose, and are commonly used in various commercial kitchen segments. Depending on the commercial kitchen you run, you’ll want to consider which type of ice will suit the needs of your guests, customers or patients. Most commercial ice machine dealers near you will deal in all five of these ice machine types. All these types of ice machines come from the same 5-6 ice machine companies and manufacturers. Speaking with a commercial ice machine dealer will give you options of ice machine models for each type listed here. Going into that conversation knowing the type that is common for your industry will help to focus on 2-3 top ice machine models for your use and quantity.

Commercial Shaved Ice Machines And Flaked Ice Machines

  • Soft and chew-able
  • Used to cool down products
  • Great for produce, seafood, meat and salad bars
  • Commonly used in healthcare (hospitals, nursing homes and physical therapy facilities), buffets and grocery stores.
  • Commercial shaved ice machine prices

Commercial Half Cube Ice Machines

  • Used for beverages, dispensing and bagging
  • Smaller than full cubes
  • Cools down drinks quickly without watering them down
  • Commonly used in restaurants, bars, hospitality and convenience stores
  • Commercial half cube ice machine prices

Commercial Full Cube Ice Machines

  • Used for beverages, dispensing and bagging
  • Cools down drinks quickly without watering them down
  • Commonly used in restaurants, bars, convenience stores, hospitality and catering.
  • Commercial cube ice machine prices

Commercial Nugget Ice Machines

  • Also known as “cubelet ice machines” and “pearl ice machines”
  • Soft and chewable
  • Used for beverages
  • Commonly used in restaurants, bars, healthcare and hospitality
  • Commercial nugget ice machine prices

Commercial Crescent Shaped Ice Makers

Sources include Freezer Supply Inc., Hoshizaki America, Inc. , Kold-Draft, CRS Inc. and Manitowoc Inc.

What Are The 5 Best Office Copiers in 2020?

Naming the best office copiers for businesses in 2020.

  1. 2020 Best Office Copier Model
  2. 2020 Best All Around Value And Quality
  3. 2020 Fastest Office Copier
  4. 2020 Most Reliable Office Copier
  5. 2020 Best Value In Office Copiers

Get Free Digital Copiers Quotes!

Compare copier price quotes on these models now

Having researched a number of sites that focus on features and user feedback we created a list of the 5 best office copiers available in 2020. We focused on professional and commercial use copiers designed for a business setting. We scored about 20 models on Copy quality, features, ease of use and GUI and reliability over time. These 5 aspoects were compared then an average score out of 5.0 was determined and the 5 best copiers are listed below in a manner similar to a consumer reports copier reliability study methodology in partnership with OCS Inc.

Here are the 5 best office copiers of 2020 with each one having a strength that earned a spot on the list.

#1 on the list is a 2016 released model of office copier. The Kyocera 8052ciMarket is capable of 80 ppm speeds and has more features than almost any other model. This machine is designed for large work environments that need a high-volume machine for printing in color. When compared to previous editions, this model boasts a faster warm-up time, more random access memory, and a faster monochrome/black & white print speed.  Best Office Copier Model

#2 on the list is a 2018 newer released model of office copier. The Canon imageRUNNER Advance 6575i II is capable of 75 ppm speeds and boasts great reliability and security features. Designed to work seamlessly with mobile devices, cloud-based services, and Canon’s third-party solutions, this machine boasts exceptional security, with limited extraneous features. Best All Around Value And Quality

The best office copier is often a the fastest office copier.

#3 on the list is a much larger in stature 2018 model of office copier. The Canon imageRUNNER Advance 8595i II is blazing fast and capable of 95 ppm speeds and boasts great reliability and security features. If speed matters to you this model is as fast as it gets. This office copy machine excels is in the speed and reliability. The 8595i II is the fastest machine on our 2020 Best Office Copier list. Paired with an exceptional image quality rating and you get a machine that is designed to produce results… and fast! Fastest Office Copier

#4 on the list is a 2017 model of office copier that is as reliable as it gets. Reliability is a big part of the Xerox copier brand name. The Xerox AltaLink C8030 is capable of just 30 ppm speeds but has great reliability and security features. Does office copier reliability matter to you? Based on 110,000 impressions made, one study found that it only had one misfeed and required zero service. That’s pretty amazing. This wins the most reliable office copier award from us. Its ease-of-use is strong, but its feature options and image quality are a bit lower than other units. Still, this is a solid middle-of-the-pack machine. Most Reliable Office Copier

#5 on the list is a 2017 model of office copier that is reliable, solid, well featured and affordable for a black and white copier. The Ricoh MP 2555SP is capable of just 25 ppm speeds but has great reliability and full all and cloud features for a great low price for an office copier. Like many of today’s newer models, the 2555SP offers support for mobile and cloud printing from Google Drive, Dropbox, and the Ricoh Smart Device Connector app. Best Value In Office Copiers

We kept or best office copiers of 2020 list short and sweet intentionally since every user has different priorities and there is no substitute for hands on. Our research should be viewed as a starting point as we found dozens of worthy office copiers for great prices that may be right for your business. Every office copier features different options and presents a strength to different users. Getting your hands on many copiers and speaking with as many office copier dealers as possible will help you find the best fit for your daily uses. Choosing the right office copier is about matching it with your business.

Get more information about our 5 best office copiers and compare the lowest prices on office copiers now!

5 Reasons To Choose Modular Building Construction

Convention building construction has advantages but has long also suffered some disadvantages and variables which have been solved through modular building construction. Variables in construction can lead to quality control issues when building a building or office. Modular building companies have evolved (by design) to address all these weaknesses.

Modular buildings for retail has become a great choice for small businesses and franchises.

Some of the quality and cost related challenges of convention construction include:

  • Material management install process
  • Standardized quality programs and routines
  • Diligent supervision or attention to detail
  • Consistently skilled workers at all sites
  • Effective logistics and coordination
  • Standardized inspection routines
  • Unpredictable site conditions
  • Establishing culture of quality from site to site

Modular building construction has effectively targeted each of these weaknesses and installed a standard process to alleviate each. The resulting advantages of modular buildings include:

Quality And Consistency

Modular buildings are built to meet the same codes and standards as conventionally built facilities, so makes the modular building quality better?  For starters, the modules, or building sections, are constructed in the factory which provides a dry and consistent environment eliminating variables and producing a consistent product with less defects. 

Modular building construction process

The standardization in the factory process also allows for safety and quality control as each component to be better inspected at every phase of construction.  A consistent process is the cornerstone of all quality modular building and manufacturing processes. If quality of the finished product is critical to your office building then use this factor in your decision to choose to build a modular building.

Speed And On Time Completions

With approximately 80% construction being completed in the factory, modular construction buildings and offices avoid all weather related and site related delays associated with conventional construction. 

The site for the building is also prepared simultaneously as the building is being manufactured giving modular buildings companies the ability to have a reliable schedule and keep their schedule at a much higher rate. If you ae concerned about on time completion of your modular office or modular classroom you should weigh this into the decision to buy a modular building. Modular buildings are simply on time more often.


Are modular buildings cheaper to build? Yes, and yes.

Modular buildings can save you money in two distinct ways. Modular buildings, due to the nature of the manufacturing process, have a lower overall labor and material cost which is an obvious savings.  Secondly, as discussed above, the modular building construction process is done in a secure environment that is unaffected by weather delays, and the modules are then transported to the site.  This dry location process with it’s strict process will results in fewer change orders, faster installation, and earlier occupancy.  Earlier occupancy means improves cash flow, faster to utilize buildings and no lost time as a site sits empty waiting to be prepared for an on site build. So is a commercial modular building cheaper to build? Yes, a modular building on average has a finished cost of about 10-20% less on average due to the above reasons. Many projects and building types can save as much as 30%-50% over conventional construction processes.

Flexibility Of Design

Do all modular buildings look the same? No. Not even close. This is a common misconception used by conventional construction companies to steer you away from more cost efficient modular buildings. They combine classic construction looks with the flexibility of a mobile solution.

Modular medical buildings have thousands of designs.

Modular construction offers both temporary and permanent building solutions with as many design options as anything built on site.  Whether temporary or permanent, modular buildings also offer the advantage of being easily expandable for future needs. Almost all conventional construction designs can be applied to the plans for modular construction. This flexibility of design and future scaling makes modular buildings great for education, commercial, healthcare, and government applications. Organizations all over the world choose modular construction for modular classrooms, modular offices, modular in- plant offices, modular guard houses, modular car dealerships, modular churches and modular retail stores. Modular construction is booming (NREI ORG).

Sustainable Construction Process

As more and more clients are looking for sustainability and less of a footprint in their building designs, modular construction is becoming an efficient and natural choice.  The manufacturing of modular buildings takes place in a controlled environment which minimizes material purchases and raw material waste. All modules and parts have been designed to efficiently use materials over time to perfect the process buy each modular building manufacturers.  This tried and true process combined with improved consistency and quality control promotes sustainability and less total raw materials needed for the same building outcome.

Environmentally friendly modular building construction.

One study by McGraw Hill Construction showed Currently, a majority (62%) of the industry recognizes that prefabrication/modularization can help decrease the use of construction materials, with over a quarter (27%) reporting decreases of 5% or more. If a sustainable process and an environmentally friendly building is what your company or organization values then modular building construction should be your first choice.

These 5 reasons to build a modular building for your company are also the key drivers in modern business. Modular buildings as an industry are an answer to the needs of customers and the shortcomings in conventional construction. By design modular buildings address all the challenges of your project. Compare the prices for your project from our top modular building companies now and get even more reasons why modular is just smart for business.

5 Big Reasons You Need A Better Office Coffee Service

Taking an office coffee break is considered a part of the routine in the workplace. Many people drink coffee without really thinking twice about how it affects the way they work. The gathering around the office coffee station or office coffee machine is a part of the morning routine that lowers stress and is a great launching point for a busy work day.It is then interesting to look at the often overlooked benefits for employers, companies and their staff. Some great reasons for small business owners to compare price and product options on office coffee service companies today.

1. Coffee Keeps Your Staff Alert

There are many triggers that can cause employees to feel sluggish or stressed in the mornings. Partying the night before, insufficient sleep, horrible traffic, or plain tiredness are common reasons why employees may feel slow or heavy-eyed.

An office coffee service is about increasing productivity and lowered mistakes and lost focus for your staff.
What a difference an office coffee service can make.

In these situations, coffee can be of help. It has been scientifically proven that coffee can increase energy levels and make people feel less tired. In a 1994 neurological study it was found that coffee can improve a person’s alertness. When employees are alert, they are more likely to focus on their work and complete their tasks earlier.

From that study’s findings on office coffee effects (Does Caffeine Enhance or Merely Restore Degraded Psychomotor Performance?): An experiment was carried out to examine the effects of coffee on performance and alertness in the day and at night. The results showed that caffeinated coffee had a beneficial effect on alertness and improved performance on a variety of tasks in both day and night sessions. The effects were often very large. 

2. Coffee Leads To Less Mistakes

Aside from feeling more energized and alert, coffee has also been shown to help improve performance, specifically on tasks that require brain power. Studies have shown the value of coffee is not only the caffeine but also the structured breaks from your screen and your desk. An office coffee station provides both the physical boost and mental boost to reduce costly errors. It is not uncommon to feel bored or sleepy during a long meeting. The dimmed lights, the hum of the projector and the rambling speakers at meetings needs to be interrupted both physically and mentally.

According to studies, coffee has been shown to help improve focus and memory. This can result to less forgotten details, less adding errors or typos and better decision making at work. All of this is a reason why coffee makes your staff better, more efficient and less likely to make mistakes.

3. Coffee Sparks Culture And Teamwork

Employers often worry that the time that employees spent away from their desks chatting with co-workers is costing them money. However, multiple studies published on have shown coffee stations and well stocked break-rooms increase employee productivity by as much as 15 percent! Read the study conducted on call centers , office technology and IT staff showing a 4%, 10% and 15% increase in productivity thanks to time spent enjoy a drink and exchange with team members. Rather than discouraging office coffee station breaks employers should encourage it with break rooms and coffee stations that attract the team to gather. 

4. Coffee Reduces Pain And Stress From Desk Jobs

A study produced by the National Institute for Health ( concluded that consuming caffeine before performing pain-inducing computer work resulted in attenuated pain development versus subjects who did not consume caffeine.

The results even showed the possibility of prescribing caffeine as an everyday pain moderator for work related aches and pains. While this may be a small effect the benefit on your staff’s comfort translates into general office happiness and productivity once again. A well stocked office coffee station and fresh office coffee service attracts employees to benefit while also making them happy to be at work. Amazing what having the right office coffee machine can do.

5. Coffee Is Great, Tasty and Social By Nature And People Talk

Office coffee stations are about productivity and social effects at work

If companies invest in a reasonable office coffee service that can dispense fine-tasting coffee, teas and hot & cold drinks, this would actually contribute to the employees’ satisfaction levels. Surveys and studies have shown that free coffee is still one of the sought-after employee perks that affect how they value the company they work for. Look through ads for small and mid-sized companies and see how many mention coffee as part of the culture or everyday perks. Good coffee machines and office coffee services are a very visible item that employees notice and even brag about regarding their company. If you build it they will come.

Get an office coffee service now and save up to 30%

Our coffee delivery company partners offer the best office coffee machines and coffee stations demanded by employees just like your in all 50 states. Get top office coffee brands and water machines and machines from Starbucks, Nespresso, Timothy’s coffee, Illy, Tazo drinks, Keurig coffee machines and coffee for offices, Lipton teas and more. All delivered and all for 30% less.

Save money on office coffee service and make money with happy employees.

Shipping container cost and how to get the best deal

If you’re looking to buy a shipping container what cost can you expect? Let’s take a look at some ballpark numbers on shipping container cost and the grading systems and condition of a shipping container in each price range. Important to note that grading standards are usually a company’s system and not an international standard for purchasing containers. This means, that although 2 companies could both classify their containers in terms of grade A, B, or C, it does not mean that a Grade A will be the same for both. 

Going by quantity, most shipping containers for commercial use are leased. Leasing shipping containers hold a lot of advantages for businesses such as low up front shipping container cost, flexibility of drop off and pick as a project ends and the ability to scale the quantity as needed. Leasing a shipping container can be as low as $50-$75 a month. Some projects and uses tend to be better suited by buying a shipping container. The ability to customize, paint and place the shipping container permanently come to mind. Shipping container homes and storage uses for farms are two examples.

When buying a shipping container and comparing shipping container cost it is important to know what to expect in your price range and the container terminology that goes with each price range.

One example shipping container grading system from the

1. As-is shipping containers and well used shipping container cost – Expect to pay $1500-$2000

If you are looking for a bargain or a handyman container for a use that does not demand cosmetics a bargain shipping container is a great option. These shipping containers can have an extensive amount of damage or rust to the doors, sides, joints and wood flooring. As with all things the more damage the cheaper the shipping container. This kind of as-is shipping containers start around $1500 for a standard 20 foot container and maybe $1750 for a 40 foot container. This will vary by location, inventory and the extent of the wear and tear. A surplus of this level of quality is available starting with a simple web search, ebay or even craigslist.

At this price point be expecting issues with the doors, some possible holes, rust, dents or floors that have been damaged by chemical spills or water damage.

As is shipping container cost.

The cost of a well used shipping container like this may make sense for your project.

2. Average or common condition shipping container – Expect to pay $2000 – $3500

If you are looking for a quality container that can be used for storage, security or most any personal or farm project at a reasonable price, then renting or buying a used container might be the best way to go. Most containers reach the market in good but not great condition as shown below.

Know this: there are plenty of used shipping containers out there that are in good condition. As long as the container has not been severely damaged, it will do what it’s meant to do: protect and store your stuff. Containers are made of COR-TEN steel and are designed to last 10, 20 or even 30 years. Buying used, means you get a durable product at a reasonable price. Used containers for purchase in a range of average condition can cost anywhere between $1,900-$3,500, depending on the size and condition of the container.

One trip containers and grade A container prices – Expect to pay $2500 – $6000

If you are looking for a high end one trip shipping container or one that has never been used and are willing to pay full price, a ‘one-tripper’ is the right container for you. One-tripper containers have been manufactured and shipped directly from China, carrying their first and last load of cargo.

New shipping containers cost anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000, depending on the size, features and market price in the region where you will have it delivered. Moving them around does cost money so it impacts the final cost. Many shipping container suppliers sell new containers for purchase.

New or one-trip shipping containers are popular among industries that plan on using the containers for frequent transport or storage and require the newest, most structurally sound and cosmetically pleasing units available.

Many commercial developers are now building amazing shipping container homes or buildings with storage containers, converting them into livable space or working office spaces. Because they are cheap, transportable and green they make a great raw building material. This type of application requires a person buy a one trip shipping container for the best finished product.

Where can you buy a shipping container? Get the lowest prices now from our local container partners and find out what hey offer.

So how to get the best deal and not overpay?

Don’t overbuy. Shipping containers have a life span of 20-25 years if properly maintained and depending on climate. 95% of all rust you may see on your shipping container is purely cosmetic and easily sanded and removed. For $200-$300 a container can be painted once cosmetic rust is removed. Most damage is surface deep and overpaying for a shiny container could be a big mistake. Buyers may pay $1000 to $3000 more for a container no more structurally sound.

Compare shipping container dealers. Our website exists to compare and save buyers money on shipping container costs. We work with over 50 shipping container suppliers in 46 states. With a single quote request you can compare the shipping container inventory, grading systems and pricing of every dealer in your state and willing to deliver to you.

Additional information and assistance on shipping containers in Spanish on MSN Dinero.

5 Things That Make A Great Medical Billing Company

As a medical professional a medical billing company takes care of your revenue cycle management. Choosing to partner with a billing service can often be a long term partnership that will have a lasting impact on the financial health of your practice. Here we’ll cover the 5 most important things your medical billing company should prioritize to let you know they have your best interests in mind.

1. Secure Data And Compliance

Your medical billing company should be committed to keeping your health records and data safe at all times. If you feel you current billing company does not prioritize this, or you are considering a medical billing company that does not stress a high level of security when it comes to your data, then you should look elsewhere. Talk to your medical billing company about their email and password practices as well as their system of destroying and changing system password. One records breach could put a lot of your clients in a bad situation.

2. Provide Simple Access to Your Data

Your medical billing company should never restrict you from your own data. If you find yourself unable to run reports to measure the effectiveness of your billing service then chances are your practice is losing revenue due to poor performance.

Some medical billing providers have a system set up that limits the availability of data because they use a different system for the billing management than your practices software. While this isn’t always a bad sign it typically is an indicator that potential performance is not where it should be. This means your medical practice does not know status of your claims and revenue cycle because you are unable to see it in real time when you wish.

3. Deliver Detailed Clear Reporting

Measuring and reporting on your patient and billing data on a monthly basis is vital to the success of your business. This medical billing data tells you which areas of your medical practice is performing well and which areas maybe need some work either on your end or by your billing services team. By reviewing past performance data and patterns from simple easy to interpret medical billing reports you can set realistic expectations and develop effective ways to meet them.

If you aren’t receiving monthly reports and a comprehensive analysis of the data provided, you should be.

Choosing the right medical billing company keeps your practice running smoothly for years.

4. Is Your Medical Billing Company Always Working To Improve Service?

A good medical billing company will provide the minimum services required. A better medical billing company will constantly work hard towards improving their use of technology, customer service plans and upgrading the services and results they provide. Some examples of these less known medical billing services might include an improved and simpler online patient payment portal to help your practice overcome the high number deductible health plans or a patient and doctor FAQ knowledge base or hub to help your practice find answers to common questions on the go.

5. Does Your Medical Billing Company Provide Training Opportunities For Your Staff?

Don’t overlook the training that your medical billing service should provide you with. Your choice of the best medical billing company should always work to keep you and your staff informed and educated about services, logistics and medical code changes as well as providing training opportunities and resources to your staff. Your medical billing company should be performing a minimum number of training sessions during the initial setup process and have ongoing training available to your staff regarding the best collection strategies, documentation and coding, eligibility best practices and how to better explain to patients.

All these things and more go into the very important decision of choosing the best medical billing company. One simple way to search them all and compare these features is to request a quote from our many partners. With one click you can see the options, features, track records and best prices on medical billing from over 2 dozen top providers we work with.

What are the most common steel shipping containers for sale?

Let’s take a look at the various sizes and astounding quantity of shipping containers for sale. The large volume will help you understand where there is such a strong market across the US. You can quickly and easily get shipping container prices here from our preferred partners, and from there, you’ll likely be able to make a more informed choice about what’s best for your needs.

The Most Common Container Size?

Though there are specialized shipping containers you may be able to use for your shipments if it is especially large or oddly shaped, the vast majority of shipping container dimensions are considered to be “standard intermodal container” sizes. Though they’re commonly just referred to as steel shipping containers or freight or cargo containers, they may also be called a sea or ocean container, or an ISO container.

We are focusing on the 20 ft shipping containers as the most flexible, common in private sales and with the most residential and farm uses due to ease of transport.

20-Foot Container Usage and Details

If you are considering a 20ft shipping container , also known as intermodal containers, are a large, standardized container for freight transport. They can be used across different modes of transport, including ship, rail and truck (without unloading and reloading cargo), and are used primarily to store and ship materials. Steel shipping container dimensions vary, and there are a number of different standard sizes. 20 foot shipping containers are extremely popular and available in all 50 states due to the common use of them in every industry. It’s estimated that there are about 25 million of them in the world as of 2020.

20 foot steel shipping containers can come equipped with forklift pockets for loaded containers, as well. Because of how versatile they are, these 20 foot shipping containers are some of the most common ones to see on the road.

The maximum cargo size permitted for 20′ containers, due to interior dimensions, is as follows:

  • Length: 19 ft., 3 inches
  • Width: 7 ft., 8 inches
  • Height: 7 ft., 9 7/8 inches
  • Door Opening: 7 ft., 8 inches wide, 7 ft., 5 inches tall
  • Cubic Capacity: 1,165 cu. ft.

Just how many 20ft shipping containers we talking about?

There are currently almost 20 million total shipping containers in circulation worldwide with the number of active shipping containers at more then 7 million. 20ft shipping containers represent the largest amount of any size from this sample. In total, steel shipping containers make around 200 million trips a year, according to Billie Box.

Where the heck do These shipping containers come from?

Approximately 97% of all shipping containers are manufactured in China. This is due to a lower cost to manufacture in China and that much of the world’s products are produced in China. The liner shipping industry has spent over US$300 billion in more than a dozen countries on the purchase of new vessels that can carry increasingly astonishing amounts of containers. Many of these containers stay in their final destination which is how so many come to be available for sale in the aftermarket. You can search our dealers in your area and see over 500 for sale or rent at any time. Ultimately the logisitics and transportation authorities and port cities end up with both control and inventory of every container that enters the country. While the transportation of containers is generally pretty steady and only changes seasonally due to demand, recent events have impacted the industry. The shipping container transportation laws of the US and local laws due to COVID-19 in 2020 have cause breaks in the flow as safety precautions are put in place in port cities.

5 Ways Access Control Systems Help Your Business

Businesses all over the globe are seeking new technologies to help provide them with protecting private information.  Access control is the backbone to this security. What this often involves is controlling access for employees that may be part of steady turnover and bad actors outside your company staff on company property is all 50 states. So, how do you offer advanced security and ease of entrance all while maintaining peace of mind at all times? Welcome to access control systems.

Why Your Company And Business Needs an Access Control System

Businesses of the past have used good old fashioned lock-and-keys. While this may work for smaller businesses, it doesn’t often prove to be beneficial for companies of a larger size. Employees can misplace keys or keys can be duplicated and the money spent ends up only being a hassle for management. Also they provide no record keeping capability.

An effective access control system solves both your security concerns and your logistics and data goals.

Access control systems utilize one or more of the following technologies.

  • key cards
  • pin codes
  • bio-metric access (fingerprint access)
  • alarms
  • video surveillance and alarms

An electronic access control system allows a person, with proper clearance, to access to a certain area of your building. These high-quality security access systems can help you keep outside intruders from gaining access to valuable office devices and confidential information. This reduces the growing issue of shrink and detrimental data breaches.

  1. Stay in Charge of Your Security

Access control systems have proven to be extremely effective security instruments. With access control systems, companies know the exact time of day that employees and visitors enter and exit their establishment. This helps managers in the case of potential issues, disputes, or data breaches. In the event of an emergency situation, access control systems can also make a lock-down easier to handle and restrict movement throughout the building.

2. Data Makes Business Go: Know Who is Entering your Building And When

Another reason why access control systems are great for business is the ease of access it provides individuals with clearance. Access control systems also allow employees to use badges with embedded wireless technology or security codes to gain access within the building.

3. Control your work Environment

Businesses also find access control systems to be beneficial when it comes to saving time, energy and money. Wouldn’t it be great if a company could integrate a building’s lighting and heating/cooling system with the location of employees? With access control systems, technology can inform those systems what areas of the building either need a light or temperature adjustment at any moment throughout the day or night.

4. Prevent Data And Records Attacks

Companies will also find more efficient database management through access control systems, as a key card can simply allow or disallow employees from accessing certain computers connected to the company’s network without the need to install special software. They also can keep outsiders from gaining access to confidential information.

5. Increase Safety, Security, and Productivity For Your Staff

When it comes to business security, the issue is cut-and-dry. Your information must be secure. Installing access control systems throughout your business will not only save you peace of mind, but it will also save your company space in the annual budget. All companies are vulnerable to theft and robbery, but the installation of an access control system will prove to be extremely useful for all businesses. Access control systems will help you maintain security by granting necessary site access, and you never have to worry about which keys you need for certain parts of the building ever again. You can get all our access control system prices now and save up to 30% per entry.

4 Things To Check When Buying A Shipping Container.

What to look for when inspecting a shipping container:
Corners and Seams: Walk around the outside of the container and check the corners, edges, and seams. Make sure that you look at the bottom and top of the unit, where condensation and water can collect. Then do the same on the inside. Be on the lookout for any types of rust, corrosion, or excessive condensation build up. Surface rust typically amounts to nothing and can be fixed with a cheap coat of paint, but more serious rust is possible in containers older than 12-15 years.

Conex Boxes

Paint/Rust: Check the interior and exterior of the container for paint chips, flaking, or other types of damage. Weaknesses in the paint may be a sign of rust or corrosion hidden underneath the paint. If permitted, carry a steel bristled brush to try and knock off shipping container inspection. It is important to know if anything exists that may be a medical or health related issue later. A commercial use container means liability and knowing it is safe and a medically safe container for chemicals and and other hazards is important to you business.

any suspect areas to assess how serious the spot might be. A little rust should be expected and since the container is probably made of COR-TEN steel it’s perfectly natural.

Mechanical Parts: The mechanical parts of a container are around the doors. The hinges and locking gear make up a majority of the moving parts. Make sure that the doors swing freely enough for your liking, and the locking gear opens and closes easily enough for your intended use. If they parts don’t move as freely as expected, would lubricant solve the issue?

Flooring: Check the floor for any signs of rotting or excessive damage and gouges. Some wear and tear must be expected, after all the container has probably been around the world a couple of times. If there are areas of rot or damage you may need to invest in having it repaired.

Lockbox: Many older containers aren’t equipped with a lock box, while new or one trip shipping containers are. If the container will be in an unsecured area, such as an oil field or construction site, you may want a lock box. If one isn’t installed, you can either ask the depot to install one for you (and the costs associated), or you can purchase a bolt on lock box.

Overall, a used shipping container that’s between 10-15 years old should be expected to be starting to show its age. That being said, it doesn’t mean the steel shipping container price is not great and it will work well as a storage unit or other type of modified container shelter. Having what you plan to use the container for in mind, and knowing what’s important and not, will help you make the best decision when making the purchase.