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As a person that runs a Louisiana area medical practice your focus is on your patients and their health goals. A challenge for medical professionals becomes the logistics and financial collections required as part of being a business owner. A long term, hands local partner for Louisiana medical billing and Louisiana collection services brings peace of mind and helps Louisiana medical professionals focus on what is important. It’s the medical biller’s job to negotiate and arrange for payment between these three parties. Specifically, the biller ensures that the healthcare provider is compensated for their services by billing both patients and payers. Our local Louisiana medical billing companies and national billing partners and providers can offer the lowest rates on medical billing services in Louisiana, highest collection rates and best customer service to your patients.

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Most Louisiana medical billing companies charge a percentage of collections. Typical rates for clients in Louisiana are between 5% to 10%, although it is possible for medical billing rates to be 4% to as high as 15% depending on the field and services. This percentage of what is collected model is a major earning incentive that will make you more money. When you are choosing a Louisiana medical billing company you will be comparing both the current local Louisiana rates they charge as well as the rate at which they collect histocially. How much money you make for your work depends on current Louisiana medical billing rates and how successfully they can collect. They don't get paid unless you get paid. Some Louisiana and national medical billing companies may request a higher percentage of profits but their performance and higher rate of success will often mean more total revenue for your practice. Compare the lowest rates, collection track records and fees of the top Louisiana medical billing companies now.

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One reason to compare both local Louisiana medical billing companies and national is the desire for Louisiana medical professionals to find a long term partner. Medical billing companies exist to take the stress out of running your medical practice. Part of that desire for peace of mind fropm paperwork is not having to change providers or systems ever again. Most medical billing companies in the Louisiana area offer small committment arrangements as a means of competiing with one another. Simple 30 or 60 day contracts that renew automatically are common. There may in some cases and programs be a small upfront setup cost when you first start using a mdeical billing provider. Ease of on boarding with a new medical billing provider and success rates over time make the entire process easier on all involved. Compare rates, fees, setup times and past success rates and make sure you only have to search for a mdeical billing company one time and never again. Shared success is the best model.

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