How much is water delivery for your office?

The basic breakdown of the cost of office water delivery is about $45 average cost for minimal Water Delivery. $7 cost per $5 gallons of water. $6 price average for 1 Case of twenty-four 12 oz water bottles (less common). In all the breakdown and consumption means about $125 Average cost of office water service per month for an office staff of 10-20 employees. Most companies will charge you between $5 and $10 per bottle of water, and generally, the more you order in bulk the lower the prices will be. For example, the price of Costco water delivery is $6 - $7 per bottle, and the price of water service bottles from Walmart is $5.29.

How much does an office water cooler cost?

On average, the water cooler will cost you anywhere from $30 to $50 per month per installed unit. The office water company will install the cooler and bring you your regular order of water whenever you require.

What do I need to know when getting office water services?

Knowing the water quality, needed quantity of water, and price of the water you want to get is about a lot more than just buying a couple of water bottles off of the shelf. You'll also want to factor in that coolers do come in a variety of options. Some coolers only offer the ability to cool the water, while others may give you water at room temperature, or hot water, or even a combination of the three.

Why should I consider a bottle-less water option for the office?

Bottle-less water coolers are offered by many office water delivery companies and are seen as a greener and more environmentally friendly office water option and way to bring water to the office, as no water bottles are required and the use of plastic is eliminated. With a bottle-less water cooler, all of the water is on-site, which takes care of the need for the bottles to be delivered to your office. It also comes with its own tapping and filtering systems to remove any harmful pollutants.

Does a bottles water dispenser save money?

Generally yes a bottleless water cooler is cheaper than a water bottle cooler with top loading jogs of water. The amount you save depends on the usage. If you use more than 6 water jugs per month (most do) then a bottlleless water system costs less to own month to month. Large offices can save thousands per year if they have multiple machines. The reduction of risk and liability of having employees move heavy jugs is an added benefit of bottleless water coolers for your office.

How much do 5 gallon water jogs cost for my office?

The lowest prices on water jugs and bottles for your office vary by supplier and region. A buisiness owner can estimate about $6-$9 per bottle each month. The price you ultimately pay will be dependent on the size of your office and the amount of water your employees drink. If you plan to use more than 10 bottles per month you should contact your water supply company and discuss a point of use or bottless water cooler solution. The price of a bottleless water dispenser every month is lower than the cost of jugs and delivery in many cases.

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