What Are The 5 Best Office Copiers in 2020?

Naming the best office copiers for businesses in 2020.

  1. 2020 Best Office Copier Model
  2. 2020 Best All Around Value And Quality
  3. 2020 Fastest Office Copier
  4. 2020 Most Reliable Office Copier
  5. 2020 Best Value In Office Copiers

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Having researched a number of sites that focus on features and user feedback we created a list of the 5 best office copiers available in 2020. We focused on professional and commercial use copiers designed for a business setting. We scored about 20 models on Copy quality, features, ease of use and GUI and reliability over time. These 5 aspoects were compared then an average score out of 5.0 was determined and the 5 best copiers are listed below in a manner similar to a consumer reports copier reliability study methodology in partnership with OCS Inc.

Here are the 5 best office copiers of 2020 with each one having a strength that earned a spot on the list.

#1 on the list is a 2016 released model of office copier. The Kyocera 8052ciMarket is capable of 80 ppm speeds and has more features than almost any other model. This machine is designed for large work environments that need a high-volume machine for printing in color. When compared to previous editions, this model boasts a faster warm-up time, more random access memory, and a faster monochrome/black & white print speed.  Best Office Copier Model

#2 on the list is a 2018 newer released model of office copier. The Canon imageRUNNER Advance 6575i II is capable of 75 ppm speeds and boasts great reliability and security features. Designed to work seamlessly with mobile devices, cloud-based services, and Canon’s third-party solutions, this machine boasts exceptional security, with limited extraneous features. Best All Around Value And Quality

The best office copier is often a the fastest office copier.

#3 on the list is a much larger in stature 2018 model of office copier. The Canon imageRUNNER Advance 8595i II is blazing fast and capable of 95 ppm speeds and boasts great reliability and security features. If speed matters to you this model is as fast as it gets. This office copy machine excels is in the speed and reliability. The 8595i II is the fastest machine on our 2020 Best Office Copier list. Paired with an exceptional image quality rating and you get a machine that is designed to produce results… and fast! Fastest Office Copier

#4 on the list is a 2017 model of office copier that is as reliable as it gets. Reliability is a big part of the Xerox copier brand name. The Xerox AltaLink C8030 is capable of just 30 ppm speeds but has great reliability and security features. Does office copier reliability matter to you? Based on 110,000 impressions made, one study found that it only had one misfeed and required zero service. That’s pretty amazing. This wins the most reliable office copier award from us. Its ease-of-use is strong, but its feature options and image quality are a bit lower than other units. Still, this is a solid middle-of-the-pack machine. Most Reliable Office Copier

#5 on the list is a 2017 model of office copier that is reliable, solid, well featured and affordable for a black and white copier. The Ricoh MP 2555SP is capable of just 25 ppm speeds but has great reliability and full all and cloud features for a great low price for an office copier. Like many of today’s newer models, the 2555SP offers support for mobile and cloud printing from Google Drive, Dropbox, and the Ricoh Smart Device Connector app. Best Value In Office Copiers

We kept or best office copiers of 2020 list short and sweet intentionally since every user has different priorities and there is no substitute for hands on. Our research should be viewed as a starting point as we found dozens of worthy office copiers for great prices that may be right for your business. Every office copier features different options and presents a strength to different users. Getting your hands on many copiers and speaking with as many office copier dealers as possible will help you find the best fit for your daily uses. Choosing the right office copier is about matching it with your business.

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What’s the best office copier for me?

If you’re in the market for the best office copier for your business and needs, you have a lot of choices. A multifunction printer, or MFP, combines the functions of a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine into one. The best office copier is the one you do not overpay for because you understand the features and speed you need before you compare office copiers. You can help significantly improve workflow and reduce costs by purchasing one that matches your needs.  Your workflow and the number of users who will share the printer play a big part in deciding which copier to buy or lease. Of course it needs to print and make copies. What else do you need to do?

  • Do you also need to scan documents? You need to look for a copier that comes equipped with capture software that integrates with your IT infrastructure or works with your current capture software.
  • Are you attempting to streamline business processes? You need good network connectivity.
  • Do you need to fax?
  • Do you need color or only black and white?
  • Do you need to staple, hole punch, or other finishing options?

You also need to consider your daily printer demands. What volume do you print/copy/scan daily? Weekly? Monthly? 

All of these questions – and more – will determine device selection.

Before choosing a multifunction printer, make sure you understand the capabilities of each and if the one you’re considering will meet all of your daily needs.

Some top copiers to consider as a starting point. Here are the 5 top rated models for small to mid sized office setting:

  • Canon imageRUNNER Advance C7580i II (Color)
  • Canon imageRUNNER Advance C5560i (Color)
  • Ricoh MP 2555SP (B&W)
  • Kyocera TASK alfa 8052ci (Color)
  • Canon imageRUNNER Advance C3530i (Color)

Canon, Ricoh, Konica-Minolta, HP And Kyocera consistently rank in the top 10 models every year.